Be your own voice

It is okay to speak up for yourself. Do not delegate that task to anyone else. Who better to express what your are feeling than you? It may seem intimidating but it’s better to be your own voice than to have someone speak on your behalf. This way, the message you want to deliver is not misconstrued or misinterpreted. You are able to say exactly what you want to and exactly how you want to say it. Remember to be your own voice, speak up.

Am I an impostor?

I am at the point in my life where I feel the need for a career change, you know, something new and exciting. After successfully completing my bachelors, I started applying to jobs in the field of social sciences. I love research, particularly social science research. I have worked my butt off to gain experience and exposure through internships and mentorships with people in the field. This combined with all my other work experiences makes me a good candidate for most clinical research assistant jobs. 

However, there have been times I applied to jobs that match my qualifications yet I feel like I’m impersonating someone else or I don’t have the education and experience to even be considered. It is like there a teeny tiny voice in my head that keep making me doubt myself and my abilities. I actually self-sabotaged myself at a job interview without intending to. This is what Imposter Syndrome feels like. You feel you are not qualified to be in the space you are in or share the same space with certain people. You feel the people there belong but you don’t because you are pretending to be something you are not. It may seem irrational to some but it is very real to you.

Recently, I have become more aware of my feelings and certain things that may trigger some of my self-doubt on my part. If you ever felt this way can you share with me how you were able to overcome it? What are some measures you took to help with this situation? Below is a TedTalk video on Imposter Syndrome and some ways to combat it.


The “F” word

It is so powerful. It can physically and mentally immobilize you, get your heart racing, sweaty palms and all. The word is fear. It refrains us from trying new things or taking life-changing steps. We feed this until it completely paralyzes us. If the word you were thinking of is fear, you are absolutely right.

You know that guy you always run into when you go for your morning jog. You have run into each other for almost a year now. You like him a lot and look forward to every morning because of him. You also know that he is single. You have come to know that he is kind, educated, down to earth and a proper gentleman. You want to ask him out. Instead of thinking of all the good ways this could go, you let fear prevent you from what could be the most beautiful relationship you could have. You think of all the horrible ways this could go like what if he doesn’t like you like that? What if this ends badly? So now you torture yourself with all these “what ifs”. You end up missing out because fear got in the way. May be you want to relocate to a new state, start a business because you hate the 9-5 routine, try bungee jumping, travel to see the world or even apply for that promotion you’ve been dreaming off.

Let go of your fear and watch how amazing your life will become. If you are reading this, try something new today, you might be pleasantly suprised. If you live in fear you only live half your life. Do not fear failure, but be terrified of regret. Go out there and live your best live. The fear may not go away, you might just have to do it scared. What has fear prevented you from doing lately? Kindly share in the comments below.

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